Hamilton Cross Roads Baptist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
Teaching Others to be Followers of Jesus Christ


Cross Roads' Kidz

We love children at Hamilton Cross Roads Baptist Church.  They are blessings from God and we want them to grow up knowing Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.  We have weekly activities for the children on Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

Faith Weaver Friends

Our children are always eager to learn about Jesus during our Wednesday night Faith Weaver activities.  Learning about Jesus during these early years help established strong relationships throughout a lifetime.  Our leaders not only teach about Jesus, they know Him personally and spend time with Him on a daily basis. 

Bible Drills

You would be amazed at how much the children know about God's Word.  They are quick to tell you the order of the Books of the Bible, quote verses they have committed to memory, and share about the stories they have heard taught to them. 

We want the children to learn the benefits of hiding God's Word in their hearts at a young age.

Small Groups Create Relationships

Wednesday night activities for children in grades 1 - 6 begin in one large group where we have time to learn songs to glorify God. 

At the end of the large group activities, the children are separated into smaller groups for learning activities.  With hands on projects, they hear about God, as their hands stay busy.